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#147 The Loyal Customer

Hello, friends. What is customer loyalty? The simplest definition might be it’s defined as customers who purchase from you because they want to and not because they’re forced to via “lock in”, or compelled to via coupons or discounts. Loyal customers want to spend time with your company

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#146 The outcome myth

Being in contention gives you a higher likelihood of a favorable outcome. Revising and proofing your sales copy before you hit send, gets you into contention. Empowering and serving your team, gets you into contention. Not giving up worthwhile pursuits, gets you into contention.

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#145 The quiet confidence

Hello, friends, This week I stumbled upon my old notes from hearing Malcolm Gladwell speak at High Point University. If you aren’t familiar with him, you can learn a little here. What I took away most from his interview with Nido Qubein, was his quiet confidence. He never rushed

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#144 The o.p.p. goal

Outcome goals - what you want to have happen Performance goals - what's required to get the outcome you want Process goals - how - the actions to reach the right performance

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