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#152 The sunsetting one

NFTF #152 The sunsetting one0:00/1:001× Hello, friends. This is the final edition of version three of the NFTF newsletter. This iteration began in September of 2015 and released 152 issues (including this one). Its primary focus was sharing personal thoughts and what our companies’ teams were working

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#151 The Goonies’ lesson

Hello, friends. One of my favorite experiences as a parent is watching movies from my childhood with my kids. Equally, some of my greatest disappointments as a parent are when they give my “favorites growing up” zero stars. Heartbreaking. This week, I rolled the dice on another favorite, hoping a)

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#150 The revenue answer

Hello, friends. Growth solves (almost) every business problem. While maybe a little simplistic, it’s a saying I keep coming back to whenever I feel stuck with a challenge I can’t crack. This isn’t exclusive to business either. (Personal) growth resolves almost every issue from relationship challenges to

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#149 The season of

Hello, friends. Summer is here. This week forecasts four or five days of “feels like” 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. Out of nowhere, the melting season is upon us. People and businesses go through seasons too. Let’s start with the sowing season * Give yourself away. * Find out who your primary audience

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