#94 The Difference-Maker

Hello, friends.

NFTF is usually a bi-weekly dispatch. But since these times are a changing, I’m hoping to publish more often. I hope by sharing my experiences, I can offer some helpful thoughts as well as the ability to work things out for myself in the open.

Here’s part three of our mini-series on “the changes”. If you weren’t around last week or need a recap, here’s part one and part two.

What I’m Learning/Doing

One of the daily games we play with our kids is asking them how they’d rate (on a 1-10 scale) their actions and their attitudes for the day.

Actions: Did we do what we planned to do? Did we do it with excellence?

Attitude: Did we act without fear or complaint? Did we stay in the present and accept the results?

A score of a 10, means they answered yes to each question for everything that day. After they grade themselves, Sherry and I give them a grade. We then average the score and record it. The goal is to see improvement in the average over time.

After all, these are the only things we can control — our actions and our attitude.

I heard John Maxwell say this about attitude:

Attitude gives you no advantage during good times because, during good times, everybody has a good attitude. When things are going my way, my attitude is fine. But it’s when the adversity comes and the challenges come, that’s when my attitude becomes what I call the difference-maker.

The exercise also works on adults.



  • Conducted a virtual happy hour with the team
  • Prepping for an outreach campaign


  • Working on an offering for the M&A market
  • Preparing for Shopify and local gov’t campaigns


  • Continued outreach
  • Modeling for fundraising or exit


  • Had a call with a designer who is building some tools for the design community. We’re exploring a collaboration

Until next time.


P.S. All of Gary Hustwit’s documentaries are free to stream right now: https://www.hustwit.com/

P.P.S. One of my partners, Marty, shared this article on leader vulnerability: https://www.thayerleaderdevelopment.com/blog/2020/leader-vulnerability-and-proactive-actions-during-crisis?

P.P.P.S. Enjoyed this artist’s project of celebrities side-by-side with their younger selves:https://www.instagram.com/ardgelinck/?hl=en

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