#93 The New Normal

Hello, friends.

NFTF is usually a bi-weekly dispatch. But since these times are a changing, I’m hoping to publish more often. I hope by sharing my experiences, I can offer some helpful thoughts as well as the ability to work things out for myself in the open.

Here’s part two of our mini-series on “the changes”. If you weren’t around last week or need a recap, here’s part one.

What I’m Learning/Doing

This week, my partner and I focused our efforts on helping ensure our teams are staying unified and adjusting mentally to all the changes. In addition, as clients and customers begin to re-engage, we’re making sure they know we’re present and available to listen.

Internally, our thought process is for everyone to prepare for this “new normal” to be here for a while — and to think of it as a long journey instead of a sprint.

Before I was married I had a roommate who took a gap year after college to hike the whole Appalachian Trail. In its entirety, it’s over 2,000 miles.

He said the key to making it through and thriving was to stay patient and accept the process of change. On the trail, the weather, topography, your body, changes all the time.

It’s the same with our team. Embrace this as a long-term situation and stay patient.



  • Sent emails to all clients and friends offering to listen to and help


  • Planning a webinar about remote work directed at managers of remote or newly remote teams


  • Building financial models for a pitch book


  • Pressing pause until June to focus on other priorities

Until next time.


P.S. Might pick up a few of these for some prints: https://twostickframes.com/

P.P.S. I did pick up one of these for improved lighting on video calls: https://lumecube.com/collections/computer-lighting/products/lume-cube-air-vc-kit-for-video-conferencing

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