Demote the To-do list

Hey, friend.

The last time we caught up, Marty and I were wrapping up Calm Capital’s acquisition of Judicial Systems. We closed on it at the end of June and are onboarding the business into the Calm Capital fold.

What’s been going on with us…

Everything has gone smoothly, even while mixing in vacations for July 4th and last week.

Taking time off hasn’t always been easy for me. For years, I’d let the business or businesses rule my calendar and priority when “out of office.”

But in the last few years, I’ve done much better at de-emphasizing my to-do list while taking time off.

I attribute the improvement to more patience and surrendering control of the outcomes. For too long, I held onto believing I needed to be there for all the plates to keep spinning. Worse, I rationalized it by thinking I was setting an example when I was micromanaging.

How are things with you? Family well?

We’re well. Spent last week on the coast of North Carolina —— dancing with the waves along the continental shelf.

It’s hard to believe August is here. It feels like we fell through a wormhole in the space-time continuum around June 20th. Poof! It’s August. Time to prepare for school to start.

Seen, heard, or read anything interesting? Is there anything you’re digging right now?

  • The Porsche episode on the Acquired podcast was a fun one, and I’m not a car enthusiast.
  • I’m trying out the golf app Fairgame. It aims to create a digital clubhouse for golfers around the world who share a love for playing the game.
  • The boys and I are enjoying Grim & Mild’s Wild West series. What a smart move by Aaron Mahnke to capitalize on the Western genre is having a moment in pop culture.

Alright. It’s been great catching up for now.

Talk soon,

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