Catching Up

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Scarce virtue

Hey, friend. What’s new with you? It’s rare to see someone go out on top. The “best” usually can’t seem to hang it up. I won’t name names, but you know the ones. They fight one more time. They play one more season. They keep touring

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Expectations of morale

Hey, friend. What's new with you? I was preparing for Calm Capital’s first Good Business Gathering and ran across this highlight from a Paul Graham essay. I’m not much of a believer in luck. However, I do believe in expecting great things to happen. The hard part (that

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Hindsight is a lie

Hey, friend. I hope you're well. Feels like a lot has happened since we spoke last. The boys are in their sixth week of school. We're trying a six days per week for 30 weeks format this year. Saturday is their day off. So far so good. Marty and I

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Demote the To-do list

Hey, friend. The last time we caught up, Marty and I were wrapping up Calm Capital’s acquisition of Judicial Systems. We closed on it at the end of June and are onboarding the business into the Calm Capital fold. What’s been going on with us… Everything has gone

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