Catching Up

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Fathering a Ranger

Hello, friends. Nineteen years ago, Chris Laney took a chance on a failed pro-golfer and hired me to handle marketing for his Software Consultancy. We're still close friends almost two decades later and several ventures later. I consider him a mentor. Earlier this month, he released a novel he'd been

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Five Drafts

Hello, friends. Spring officially kicked off in NC yesterday. I think she slept in though. It was below freezing this morning. How are things with you? Family well? Any travel or big plans coming up? It’s a busy season in our household. My youngest (Matthew) has a big fourth-grade

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What do you do?

Seriously, I ask because it’s a question I struggle with answering. If I’m honest and accurate, it’s complicated and varied.

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Another lap around the Sun

Hello, friends. Happy New Year! Figured we’d start the new year by catching up. December was quite active for us, as it has been the last few years. How were your final few weeks of 2022? What are you looking forward to in 2023? On our side, we’re

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