Whispers on the Other Side

 Zim heard whispers on the other side of the door as he put his key in the lock. He stopped. A chill crept down his back like tentacles from an icy jellyfish.
 Zim checked his phone. Tuesday, May 3rd, 4:30 pm. No one is supposed to be home yet, especially on a Tuesday.
 Swallowing the fear, he peered through the window, looking for clues as to what made the sound. Nothing.
 With great stealth, Zim backed away from the door and crouched. The whisper returned. It was a little louder. He made out what he thought was the word “Ee-zere”. Two questions flooded his mind. What’s an Ee-zere? And who or what is making that sound?
 Needing more courage, Zim grabbed his phone and texted his mom. No answer. “Okay,” he thought. Maybe she’s away from her phone. He called his dad, and it went straight to voicemail. Argghh!
 He was probably in a meeting. Surely his sister would respond, so he tried her social account. Still, no reply. Panic tickled his bones.
 Zim pulled the key from his pocket and stepped forward to unlock the door.
 “It was probably nothing,” he thought.
 Zim stopped in his tracks. The door was ajar. It was locked when he got home. He was certain of it.

“Ee-zere. Ee-zere.”

 The battle between curiosity and common sense waged inside. Common sense said run, but curiosity propelled him to walk through the door. Don’t go in. Don’t go in. Zim screamed inside. But he had to. As curiosity landed the finishing blow, Zim opened the door.

SURPRISE!!!!!! Confetti and balloons rained down on Zim as he crossed the threshold.
 “Happy birthday, Zim,” his friends said as his parents handed him cake and ice cream.

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