Short Stories

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The Last Letter

The storm charged toward the shore and Elizabeth knew it wouldn’t be long. Time could not be wasted. Still, she sat on the porch in the same place it all started. Elizabeth grew up here, she married here, gave birth to two beautiful kids here. She used to sit

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Whispers on the Other Side

Zim heard whispers on the other side of the door as he put his key in the lock. He stopped. A chill crept down his back like tentacles from an icy jellyfish. “What was that sound?”, He said to himself. Zim checked his phone. The date, Tuesday, May 3rd. The

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Thinking outside the lemonade stand

Foreward The other day I was reminded of a story about two young entrepreneurs named Marty and Chris. They decided lemonade stands reminded them too much of archaic outdated business models that made average homogeneous products (Ok, this is my version of the story). They did want to do something

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