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Worth it

The radiant heat from the black asphalt cooked my sneakers to medium well. I stood in line with my friends surrounded by a flock of other middle-school boys waiting for an autograph from their favorite college basketball players. I wasn’t the signature-seeking type but I was here for support

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Sole to soul

If you’re like me, one of the first things I notice about people is their shoes. I’m not sure where this comes from. Maybe it’s due to the fact that as babies crawling around, we see a lot of what people wear on their feet. Regardless, there

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An evening with Makoto Fujimura

Last week I went to New York City for 99U Conference. While there, I had the opportunity to attend a private art show and book release for Makoto Fujimura. His new work, Silence and Beauty, was on display at the famed Waterfall Mansion [] located in Manhattan’

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The barnacles of life

Growing up in a coastal town affords one a multitude of interesting environments. I compare it to all the stories people who grow up on farms have except instead of chickens, cows and fields, it’s boats, fish and the sea. And just like a kid who has the “time

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