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Three failure diseases

Success leaves clues. So does failure. It is amazing to me how many folks I meet believe success is luck or happens by accident. In my experience, this is not the case. Look at the folks in your arena who are superstars. The common threads that these men and women

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Build a long-term business with WKRP

Long-term success in any business endeavor or otherwise requires a good foundation. We can talk strategy, operations and marketing tactics all day long, but first, let’s look at what makes for a solid base. Most organizations that fail, do so because they didn’t think about the foundation —— building

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The art of repositioning

Few things in the world of marketing are tougher to concept []and successfully execute than repositioning a brand or product. The strategic graveyard is lined with the tombstones of well-intentioned repositioning gone wrong (cough – Club Med) . Even still, there are bright spots like Target, Mountain Dew

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The story arc of ideas

Depending on who you ask, ideas tend to range in value of being worth zilch to being worth billions. Some would say WhatsApp [] is a billion dollar idea. Bic Underwear, not so much. Ideas are like seeds. A seed’s value is in proportion to what

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