Build a long-term business with WKRP

Long-term success in any business endeavor or otherwise requires a good foundation.

We can talk strategy, operations and marketing tactics all day long, but first, let’s look at what makes for a solid base.

Most organizations that fail, do so because they didn’t think about the foundation —— building on sand instead of rock. Work, knowledge, right people, and passion, aka WKRP, are four cornerstones to get you started and make sure your business efforts will last.

No, not that WKRP, but if it helps you remember it then by all means reminisce a little.


In the words of Steven Pressfield, “do the work.” Of course, being successful takes effort. Name one thing in business that doesn’t?

You need to commit to persistent and consistent effort. Establishing traction and building community takes time, especially when it is for business.

Focus on being active. There is a difference between being busy and productive. Productive work is an action that’s tied to goals or objectives. Don’t fall into the trap of pointless activity. There are a lot of busy people out there who are not accomplishing much.


It’s time to get your learn on. Find other blogs, books, events and resources that will increase your knowledge.

The number one way to learn is to do. See above. Get started and take notes. Make everything a learning opportunity. Reach out to people online and off that are succeeding and ask questions. Most folks are more than willing to share.

Right People

You don’t need everyone, just the right people (employees, customers, partners, etc.)

The best place to start is to go where they are. Ask your existing customers where they hang out. Listen online and offline to identify where the best resources are to connect with more of the right people for your business.


The magic is passion.

Intangibles like enthusiasm and fascination unite and fuel work, knowledge, and right people. Passion is the emotion that empowers you to take risks, think differently, and think of ways to grow.

WKRP is a strong foundation for amplifying your business efforts. Work smart. Keep learning. Attract the right people. Stay impassioned. Onward.

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