Relationships are Forged

Hello, friends.

What an exciting U.S. Open golf tournament! You could probably care less, but watching championship golf is thrilling for a golf nerd like me. What are you into this summer?

What’s been going on with us…

We made our annual journey for the boys to attend Outreach America Boys Camp. They’ve bunked in the same cabin with a group of friends for years. For Sherry and me, it meant a few days sans kiddos.

And like most parents of kids our age, our “fun time” was running errands together and dining at a table for two.

Isn’t it funny that when you’re married without kids or an empty nester, weekly adventures are dangerous or exciting, but during the rearing years, your weekly adventures are checking things off the to-do list?

The truth is, I love doing routine things like dates with my spouse as much as anything. I know you’re thinking, “Really?” Yep.

It’s because the activities don’t dominate the conversation. They’re the filler. The main thing is spending time together, talking, sharing, and doing life. Yes, we’re doing the same thing with kids in tow, but it’s different. It’s uninterrupted and unfiltered.

What’s your favorite errand to run with your significant other?

How are things with you? Family well? Work?

At Calm Capital, we’re finishing up due diligence for another acquisition. I believe this is only our fourth one, so we’re by no measure experts. However, Marty and I are learning more and more each time.

What are we learning the most this time, you ask?

Well, for this one, relationships. A good deal is not made in spreadsheets. It’s forged in the relationship.

Marty has handled most of the relationship-building this time, and it’s been phenomenal to watch and contribute to how well he’s established trust and likability. People prefer to do business with those they know, like, and trust. And while you can’t “make it” happen, you can create an atmosphere where others are more likely to develop a relationship with you.

I’ve watched Marty create that atmosphere by listening, showing humility, and, most of all, putting in a quantity of time. There’s no substitute for logging the minutes of conversation on the phone and/or meeting face-to-face.

Seen, heard, or read anything interesting? Is there anything you’re digging right now?

  • I’ve almost finished the book, Unoffendable. Its central theme is about dealing with anger. Here’s a quote:
      Forfeiting our right to anger makes us deny ourselves and makes us others-centered. When we start living this way, it changes everything. -Brant Hansen, Unoffendable
  • I did finish Jack Carr’s latest James Reece novel, Only the Dead. Another thrill ride! Pro tip: Some books are more fun to listen to. Anything narrated by Ray Porter (or Scott Brick) is worth the audio version.
  • This fun website catalogs your favorite fictional brands from films, series, and games:

Alright. It’s been great catching up for now.

Talk soon,

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