#1 Notes from the field

Hey friends.

I hope you had a great summer. You may notice the newsletter is a little different than from months past. I've switched over to Tiny Letter. It's a product by the same great folks behind Mailchimp, but a simpler version.

As with the change in platform, I'd like to take this newsletter in a different direction. In years past I've written about marketing tips and thought leadership because my audience was primarily potential and current clients. Over time the great people (like you) on this newsletter list have evolved to also include peers, colleagues and friends.

The theme will still focus primarily on creative services, product development and business ventures, but I'd like to use this email dispatch to share more personally about my work and what I'm learning.

Next time we'll talk about what we did during summer vacation. If you did something interesting, hit the reply button and let's chat.



P.S. If you like music, check out the Song Exploder podcast.
P.P.S. I'm digging the new Paper app from FifthyThree for capturing ideas on the go.
P.P.P.S. Most startups seem like they succeeded overnight. This timeline series gives you a better chronology.

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