#102 The company questions

Hello, friends.

Happy Sunday, everyone.

What I’m Learning/Doing

As I think about the people and companies across Calm’s portfolio, I’ve been asking myself these questions.

  • How will this work when we’re X times bigger? Is what we’re doing now sustainable?
  • What are the points of friction internally (for our people) and externally (for our customers)? How can we eliminate them?
  • What annoys our people about their business? What annoys our customers about our business?
  • How can I improve my leaders’ confidence?


Honestly (honestly.co):

  • Recruiting a new Engagement Lead
  • Helping launch two new products, an e-commerce store and Shopify App

LOFT (poweredbyloft.com):

  • Brought on sales advisor, Justin Ivy, as an official member of the team to lead the partner channel
  • Focusing Adam on leveraging Slack communities to mine new opportunities

CrewPay (paywithcrew.com):

  • Planning fundraising
  • Possible enhanced QBO implementation with new business customer

Pttrns (pttrns.com):

  • Brought on John Peele as the CEO
  • 422 new members in last 30 days

Augusto (augusto.digital):

  • Hired its first product designer

Proteus Themes (proteusthemes.com)

  • Proteus Themes is a WordPress/WooCommerce theme company Calm Capital acquired in June with friend and WP expert, David Morton.
  • We’ve been getting to know all the systems and talk to customers but have a game plan for growth.

Until next time.


P.S. Love this new one from Pudding on how music is remembered - https://pudding.cool/2020/07/song-decay/

P.P.S. Enjoyed this new one from Google Design on what is good design - https://design.google/library/good-design/

P.P.P.S. - Been listening to the new one from Surfer Blood: https://www.kaninerecords.com/product/surfer-blood-carefree-theatre/

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