#109 The albatross customer

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Life is too short to deal with bad customers. Sometimes it escapes me that we get to choose with whom we do business.

We had a recent situation in one of the companies where a customer decided to leave. The feeling was mutual. We didn’t burn any bridges or try to save the business.

The next day, you could feel the weight lifted off our people. Bad customers are like an albatross around the mariner’s neck.

Short-term thinkers, will likely keep bad customers around because the revenue is as far as they can see. They’re quick to throw their folks under the bus given any chance to appease a customer or client, regardless of the situation and context.

However, the relationships with great team members are far more valuable. A long-term thinker will understand customers are much easier to find than exceptional employees.

Three Things to Ponder

  1. Your smile is a messenger of your goodwill.
  2. Change is the price of survival.
  3. We create fear or make fear go away depending on what story we tell ourselves.

Three Things to Enjoy

  1. Learned about the magical destination of San Serriffe on a recent podcast (and the rest of the story).
  2. Here’s a fun industry to explore(thanks, Trey!).
  3. For any Alfred users out there, I found some useful pre-built workflows

Until next time, friends.


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