#103 The century mark

Hello, friends.

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Welcome to the 103rd issue of Notes from the Field! If you’re new or interested in how we got here, check out the archives.

What I’m Learning/Doing

I’ve been thinking a lot about mental toughness recently. So much of our attitude and how we perform is shaped by it.

A common characteristic of mentally tough people is preparation. Some would argue that preparedness is the foundation of mental toughness.

I find that true for myself. The more I’m prepared for a situation, be it business or anything, the better my attitude, mental toughness, and ability to perform at a high level.

I heard a podcast interview with Gil Reyes (Andre Agassi’s strength coach). He talked about Andre’s mental toughness and ability to stay focused and overcome adversity. It all came down to preparation. Andre knew he couldn’t control a lot of things but he could be prepared.

Gil mentioned a mantra they lived by that I think is one of the best illustrations of the relationship between mental toughness and preparation.

“Weak legs command. Strong legs obey.”


Honestly (honestly.co):

  • Onboarding a new engagement lead
  • Final push to launch a new productized design service
  • Two new e-commerce opportunities

LOFT (poweredbyloft.com):

  • 6 new opportunities in the last 2 weeks.
  • Rolling out a specific WordPress offering

CrewPay (paywithcrew.com):

  • Passed the $1million in payments for the year
  • Recruiting CEOs
  • Fundraising

Pttrns (pttrns.com):

  • Pttrns Studio and newsletter progress
  • 24 new paid members in last 10 days

Augusto (augusto.digital):

  • Continued growth in the healthcare space with another new multi-month opportunity closed last week

Proteus Themes (proteusthemes.com)

  • Released new theme updates
  • Working on “announcements” of the company in new hands

Until next time.


P.S. I had a fun and engaging call recently with Nick Gray. His newsletter is one I always look forward to: https://nickgray.net/

P.P.S. This is an interesting website: https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/

P.P.P.S. Mesmerized by the salt and pencil art of this person: https://www.instagram.com/bashirsultani/

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