#96 The Calm Way

Hello, friends.

How is everyone doing? It’s been quite a few months! If you’d like to chat, catch up and talk about anything on your mind, I’d love to lend a friendly and encouraging ear.

Feel free to grab a time that’s convenient for you if you’d like to talk:


What I’m Learning/Doing

Last week, I quietly updated my Linkedin profile with something that’s been in the works for almost a decade. And while it’s not really a big deal and doesn’t change much of my day-to-day, it’s nice to be able to talk about it publicly.

The news is a new company called Calm Capital. It seeks to grow patient, purposeful and profitable businesses.

It’s the new home for the growing business interests I have. More to come in the next quarter as we pick up momentum.


Honestly (honestly.co):

  • Continuing to rethink how we can improve the way creative services and marketing have been done. We’re tired of clients and agencies having an “us and them” relationship
  • Focused effort on new business development

LOFT (poweredbyloft.com):

  • Last time I announced a three-month trial subscription we were experimenting with. Well, we won our first new customer on it.
  • Finished a relatively smooth move to a new support system
  • Have 28 customers and 68 apps under management

CrewPay (paywithcrew.com):

  • Continued outreach
  • Model building and acquisition exploration
  • Have a 6-week streak of at least 1% week over week growth

Pttrns (pttrns.com):

  • In discussions with new growth opportunities

Augusto (augusto.digital):

  • Focused on healthcare and partnerships
  • New opportunities are heating up

Until next time.


P.S. The current marketing technology landscape is jaw-dropping: https://cdn.chiefmartec.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/martech-landscape-2020-martech5000-slide.jpg

P.P.S. Somehow, I lost track of one of my childhood favorite clothing designers. Found him: https://www.instagram.com/yokishop/

P.P.P.S. Trying out the new ones from Best Coast and Diet Cig and :

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