#95 The More Alike

Hello, friends.

As we’ve begun to settle down and refocus ourselves, NFTF is back to its bi-monthly schedule.

What I’m Learning/Doing

On Friday, I attended Seth Godin’s Real Skills Conference with over 2,000 other people. I was impressed with how well organized and executed the “Zoom event” was.

After some housekeeping and a brief opening “keynote” by Seth, attendees were divided into groups by their birth month to be led into conversations with smaller break out groups of 4-6.

It reminded me of Greenville GROK years ago, where attendees broke into small groups and had deeper discussions.

The biggest takeaway is a reminder of how people are more alike than they are different. Regardless of country, creed, race or gender, most people have the same fears, tendencies and concerns — and the same desires to be encouraged, respected and to be understood.

Remembering this helps us bring more value to our customers, communities and families.



  • Allison is off on maternity leave so I am back into more day-to-day responsibilities at Honestly for a season
  • Focused effort on new business development


  • Experimenting with a three-month trial subscription to build trust and lower the barrier to acquiring new customers


  • Outreach to potential partners and collaborators
  • Model building and acquisition exploration


  • Solved a recurring AWS issue that took down the site
  • In talks with new collaborators

Until next time.


P.S. Thought-provoking commentary by Ben Thompson on Andreessen’s “time to build” essay: https://stratechery.com/2020/how-tech-can-build/

P.P.S. Enjoying a test run of sleep improvement apphttps://www.risescience.com/

P.P.P.S. Along with a million other people, I watched and am enjoying “the Last Dance

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