#8 The sand line

Hello friends,

Welcome to 2016 everybody.

A lot of people think the new year with all its resolutions and pie-in-the-sky dreams are useless. And I'm not going to deny the merit. It's easy to launch into January like a roman candle, only to burn out by Valentine's day. After all, true change takes a lot of discipline and most resolutions lack resolve and commitment.

Yes, we can change directions or start anew anytime, but it's different when the ball drops and time resets. However, I love January 1 as a physical marker to serve as a line in the sand. It makes it easier to forget the previous year's ups and downs and focus on what's ahead.

So whatever changes you want to make in 2016, I hope you'll make them now and let this year be your best yet.

Until next time.



P.S. I'm digging MileIQ for tracking my mileage. It's simple and has an active tracker so I won't forget to log a trip.
P.P.S. A few days ago I downloaded Timeline on my phone. It's provides historical context surrounding articles to give "the story behind the story". We'll see.
P.P.P.S. Enjoying the new/final record from Harper Blynn. First heard this band when they toured with David Mead. Sorry to see them calling it quits.

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