#74 The One Question

Hello, friends.

I was on vacation last week. It’s the first week I’ve taken off in 2019. My goal this year (and every) is to take one week off per quarter. It’s been a tough commitment to keep, especially with a couple of startups to work on.

What I’m Learning

I’ve spent a lot of my time during vacation thinking about focus and challenging myself with this thought.

What we focus on is what differentiates us. Every morning I’m trying to ask myself this question:

What’s the one thing I could work on today that if I did a good job, it makes everything else easier, or maybe even unnecessary?

My goal is to invest 4 hours every day carved out on my calendar to work on that one answer.


Honestly: One of my goals for 2019 was to build processes and workflows that enable Honestly to run without me being there (at least for weeks at a time). Before I left for vacation, I worked with the team on a few of these systems. I’m eager to see how things went while I was out — what went well, needs improvement, etc.

LOFT: Last week, LOFT brought a new customer and app. This brings our apps under management total to 45! Our first employee, Adam, is progressing well. It’s fun seeing his belief grow.

CrewPay: We had the opportunity to say hello and introduce ourselves at the Greensboro Chamber’s July meeting. It was great. Every time I get to talk about CrewPay, I learn something new that validates or invalidates assumptions we have. We have 60 active contractors as of last week.

Until next time.


P.S. Good reminder on the power of habits

P.P.S. Love this data visual map (organized by machine learning) of the top best-seller’s book covers by similarity

P.P.P.S. Pretty cool app idea. Wonder if there’s enough people who want to invest in stuff like this.

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