#71 The Next Level

Hello, friends.

Finishing up the weekend at my hometown in eastern NC. This place never gets old.

What I’m Learning

The last few months have been challenging. The responsibilities of running the teams at Honestly and having significant roles at LOFT and CrewPay, have forced me to be better at thinking. It sounds crazy, I know, learning how to think right. I always thought I was a pretty good at it, but most of my decisions were made at the surface level. Ideally, I’d like to improve my second-level and third-level thinking. This is to say, what is the “butterfly effect” of the choices and decisions I make for clients, my companies and family.

I’ve always marveled out how true software and computer programmers are able to think 3 or 4 moves and hours, days, weeks ahead with any input.

I wouldn’t say I’m good at it yet, but second-order and third-order thinking is where I’m investing some personal development time. I’ve found this blog helpful if you’re interested:

Current Status

Honestly: Finished up a strong May which included a bringing on a new development team as well as a new engagement leader. Of the work we did, 64% was maker work and 36% was leader work.

LOFT: In May, LOFT hired its first full time employee. His name is Adam. He just finished his MBA at HPU and has been a sponge so far. We also reached 20 applications under management.

CrewPay: CrewPay officially started bringing on customers in May. So far, we have 39 active contractors being paid through CrewPay. June will see the release of a new onboarding flow and hopefully, next-day ACH payments.

Talk to you soon.

Until next time.


P.S. The sun is shining and the Mystic Truth by Bad Suns record is playing

P.P.S. Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore was a fun read. Especially if you’re in to typography and secret societies.

P.P.P.S. Loved this ad from BMW. Clever and pretty direct. Hat tip to Marty for the share

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