#66 The First Decade

Hello, friends.

This week marks the 10th year I've been out on my own. It's crazy to think how fast a ten years has passed since I decided to hang a shingle. In fact, I've put up a few. Here's a list of businesses and projects I've launched or bought, and built since November 2008.

  1. Golf Lesson Advantage Card - This card allowed golfers discounts on golf lessons
  2. West Hall Media - Strategy, Copywriting and Content Development
  3. Triad Startups - Directory and resource highlighting talent and startups in the Triad of NC
  4. Online Brand Camp Podcast - Marketing podcast before podcasting was cool
  5. Golf Monocle - Real-time marketing tools for golf courses
  6. Magnetic Ideas - Digital marketing agency
  7. FanPack - Quarterly subscription box where your favorite celebrities shared their favorite products
  8. Ketch Statistics - Referral spam filter app for Google Analytics
  9. SneakerGrab - Flash auctions on Instagram for sneaker heads
  10. Re:work - Website optimization in 7 days
  11. Honestly - Marketing, advertising, design and software collaborative (honestly.co)
  12. Make Good Work Great - Workshop and speaking series focused on collaboration
  13. LifeBinder - Software for estate professionals to manage and store important information (lifebinder.com)
  14. What's in Season - Poster for NC Seafood availability (whatsinseason.co)
  15. Bold Notebooks - Info courses and notebooks for creators (boldnotebooks.com)
  16. Pttrns. - Design and inspiration resource for mobile UI (pttrns.com)
  17. Mastering Discovery - A handy guide for website discovery workshops (honestly.podia.com/discovery)
  18. CrewPay - Contractor payments made simple (paywithcrew.com)
  19. LOFT - Digital property management (poweredbyloft.com)

You can find more details on a few of these, here. And if you'd like to hear more, just hit reply.

Steve Martin once said, "Persistence is a great substitute for talent."

This, combined with the great fortune of working with amazing collaborators and clients has made the journey rewarding and fun!

Until next time.

- David

P.S. Interesting app to help you delete the accounts you don't use anymore - deseat.me
P.P.S. For any Sherlock fans out there, this looks fun - dearholmes.com
P.P.P.S. Really enjoying this book right now - The Etymologican

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