#65 The System Trip

Hello, friends.

Recently I've been working through Jame's Clear's new book Atomic Habits. While I may go deeper in coming weeks, I want to share a favorite takeaway so far. Instead of expounding on it, I'm just going to post it below and let it sit with you until the next issue. Ready? Here you go:

You don't rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

If the name James Clear sounds familiar around here, then congrats (and thank you) You've been around for a while. Here are two articles previously published where I reference his writing.

- Good Habits Take Focus
- The 1% Plan

Until next time.

- David

P.S. These WWII blimp hangers really caught my attention. They're more remarkable than the flying balloons they housed.
P.P.S. Been digging the three new singles from The Dose. Check them out (tip: in this order): Vervain, Thrill of It and Saline.

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