#61 The Brand Journey

Hello, friends.

Last week a show was playing in the background while I was cleaning up my office. I wasn't paying much attention to it (a modern western with not much substance) until I heard a line of dialogue that must have been written by a former copywriter.

A brand isn't something you earn–– it's something you live up to.

Marketing gold.

Think about your favorite brands. Most likely they didn't start out as a the beloved ubiquitous namesakes you know today. They were just companies starting a long journey.

Launching a product or new business? Keep your promises and share your story–– over time, you'll live up to your name.

Until next time.


- David
P.S. I've had this Interrupters Record and Get up Kids EP on repeat recently.
P.P.S. A fun read about one of my favorite brands (Vans).
P.P.P.S. Having worked on several significant web accessibility projects, this startup has my attention.

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