#60 The Last Goodbye

Hello, friends.

On July 20, my dad passed away. He had been battling dementia and aphasia for several years so things have been heavy for a while. In fact, I realize much of my mourning was done throughout the sickness as my dad became less of my dad.

I hesitated sharing this with you all since NFTF is mainly about business, what I'm learning and so forth. Staying true to that aim, I wanted to share a quick note.

I've been publishing on the web for over a decade now and have referenced various lessons I've learned from him over the years. He was a great guy and extremely well respected and liked in the community where I was reared. Of all the times I've written about him, I'd like to share the two I've come back to these last couple weeks. I hope you'll enjoy.

- The Barnacles of Life

- Sole to Soul

Until next time.


- David

P.S. A Good read as many forget to include design in the QA Process
P.P.S. Solid new effort from one my favorite rock bands
P.P.P.S. I think we could all use these (untouchable days)

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