#58 The Top Choice

Hello, friends.

One of my kids' favorite games to play in the car is "Would you rather?". Like the name suggests, the game plays out with one person asking a question with two options to the other players. The questions are binary in nature:

Would you rather fly or have super strength?
Would you rather eat a Carolina Reaper or a raw squid?

All joking aside, this is a great positioning exercise to have with your team. Think about the story you want to tell and want told about your company or product.

Would you rather be perfect or be first?
Would you rather be a premium brand or economy brand?'
Would you rather... you get the idea.

Most people get stuck thinking they'll lose (status) if they make the wrong choice. But that's incorrect. Owning your choice provides a path for success and a story to tell.

The only way to lose the game is not to choose.

Until next time.


- David

P.S. I really enjoyed this post about mistakes by my friend Chris Laney.
P.P.S. One important topic in our work these days is designing for accessibility.
P.P.P.S. This collaboration between David Carson and Album Surf is beautiful.

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