#54 The Positive Tension

Hello, friends.

Let's talk about tension.

Not the negative kind, most often associated with rigidity or emotional strain, but the relationship between objects, ideas and belief systems found in our world. A few examples off the top of my head:

- the tension between flexibility and focus
- the tension between dreams and reality
- the tension between faith and logic
- the tension between forgiveness and justice
- the tension between excellence and perfection
- the tension between form and function
- the tension between familiar and original
- the tension between budget and scope
- the tension between confidence and humility
- the tension between freedom and security

The list goes on and on. And how many times do we deal with each of these forces in a given day?

I've been thinking about how important being able to harness the tension is for succeeding. The best leaders, craftspeople, teachers, etc., are amazing and this. They're like a potter with expert throwing skills, knowing how to mold clay into beautiful and functional wares.

Instead of tension creating distress in them, successful individuals (and teams) learn how to convert it into eustress, which elevates performance.

My hope is to keep improving in these areas, to keep feeling the tension and kneading the clay, so I'm producing higher quality work and being a better friend, citizen, and leader to my family (and others). Care to join me at the wheel?

Until next time.


- David

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