#52 The First 10

Hello, friends.

Not too long ago, I heard David Cummings from Atlanta's Tech Village speak about how they choose to invest in startups. They focus on earlier stage companies and have one key metric for evaluating who they give capital to.

Does the company have 10 customers who love them?

If the answer is "yes", they consider working with them.

Let's think about this in terms of product launches. Often we want the huge splash—the big debut. But does anything truly great start out that way? Isn't it usually a handful of people who get it (at first)? Then it spreads.

When validating a new program or product, what if your first goal was to get to the 10 customers who love it?

Let me make one point of clarity. This probably doesn't mean you only have 10 customers. You may need 40 customers on the books before you have 10 that really love you.

And that's ok.

Until next time.


- David

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