#48: The First Responder

Hello, friends.

Let's jump right in.

One of the roles someone needs to play on a project team is the one who doesn't let brave ideas die. We'll call this person The First Responder.

We were working on a project recently where the concept we developed with our client for a marketing promotion was killer. It was unique, no one in their industry was doing anything like it and if executed well, would set them apart from the competition. There was just one problem.

The idea might not work.

But that's the thing with really good concepts. They might fail. They also might succeed and give you the chance to leap frog the market if you're a challenger or distance yourself if you're the leader. That's also what makes them worth doing.

Back to my story.

As we got closer to the rollout, everyone started getting cold feet. Before we knew it, the promotion regressed into a milk toast version of a discounted offer. Enter the "First Responder". After a quick conversation to remind the client of the future they were headed to, the concept was back in play and the chance to do something significant, saved.
Replaying these events brought a quote I heard one time back top-of-mind.

What we think about the future, always directs what we do in the present.

Until next time.


- David

P.S. Nice little mini doc from the publisher of one my favorite magazines
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