#47: 2017 The Retrospective

Last year we discussed the importance of finishing projects strong. Therefore, I’d like to share my retrospective for 2017 with you.

What went well

Honestly: The business had a good year in 2017. Revenues and profits were up. We helped 15 different clients grow their businesses across 46 different projects. Using our “Avengers” model, our clients benefited from the expertise of 25 different teams and team members.

Personal: Like anything else, relationships require a level of effort just to maintain and even more to grow. In 2017, I felt my faith, family and close friends were given the priority they deserve as well as cultivating a few new relationships.

Apprenticeship: After three years of talking about it, I accepted the first cohort of Honestly Apprentices. I interviewed five potential candidates and accepted three. Even though they’re working hard, I’m sure I’m learning more than they are.

What didn't go as well as hoped

Fitness & Golf: As a former professional athlete, this is an area I lost focus on in 2017. I started off strong in the first quarter with some gains, but cooled down quickly as the temperatures went up. Related to this, I only played one _rusty_ round of competitive golf in 2017.

Personal Writing: My writing habit in 2017 was almost exclusively work or trade related. Outside of this newsletter, I didn’t finish a single podcast, story or script.

Products: My goal at the start of 2017 was to build or acquire a digital product that brought in an additional revenue stream as well as a learning opportunity. Ended the year with one acquisition that I had to put on hold and no new products built. However, in December, I built some good momentum.

What I’m doing to improve for 2018?

My biggest experiment to help improve my writing, fitness and golf is revamping my calendar planning. My routines have been reworked to create more white space to give these activities room. With Honestly, I’m focused heavily in the first quarter to establish better documentation for processes and workflows. I’m also building out an internal team to assist with production so I can work “on” the business as much as “in” it.

Lastly, I’m rebirthing LOFT as a company that builds, buys and transforms companies. Currently, we’re in the process of one acquisition and building CrewPay.

Until next time.


- David

P.S. Testing out [Station. If only it supported all of my gmail tools, but I like the concept.
P.P.S. Fun new architecture blog: Brick and Wonder
P.P.P.S. “Approach with Intention”: Interesting video from artists Shantell Martin.

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