#45 The [HOLD] Time

Hello, friends.

On two separate occasions, I've heard talks focused on the "in between spaces" of your life. These are the white spaces in your schedule and the off-book moments when nothing is required of you. It's during these "free" times when we come up with our best ideas, fall into self discovery or make breakthroughs.

We should seek out and protect these times. But it's so hard. There are few examples of nature abhorring a vacuum better than the empty calendar. It always fills up.

One trick I've started using to steal more of these slices of time is keeping my [HOLD] times.

If there's a future slot of time I want to make sure stays open for a meeting or something, I'll usually add it on the calendar with a description like this: [HOLD] Kickoff Meeting. In the past, if the appointment or work time didn't pan out, I'd delete it so something else could occupy that time.

Now, I leave it as a "hold time" and use it to do nothing (a la Peter Gibbons). Try it for yourself.

Enjoy the spaces between.

Until next time.


- David

P.S. Trying out this easy-to-use audio notes app.
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