#30 The six ten

Hello, friends.

Last week I spent two half-days in mastermind sessions with one of my key collaborative partners. We spent a little time talking about goals, processes and strategies for our businesses. Mostly, we talked about what happens from 6 pm–10 pm. Six to ten is our time away from working in or on the business. It’s the period where we study, and spend time with our families or our communities.

Before you go literal on me, don’t get hung up on the specific time. I’m not talking about a hard line that separates work and life. My beliefs are more aligned with “work/life blend” over “work/life balance”.

During the two days, we talked about being parents, spouses and sons. We discussed books, faith, concerns, finances and reflections from self-study. More so than “business stuff”, these conversations focused on our whys and how to lead our families.

One of the thoughts that stuck with me was the importance of belief during times of doubt, fear and uncertainty. Belief overcomes all those things. Ponder the following excerpt from a book, The Mindset Manifesto, my golf coach shared with me:

“The best understand that doubts, fears, and insecurities are normal, but work to enhance their underlying self-image each and every day. The power of doubt and uncertainty is not the feeling itself, it is in the resolution and acceptance of what those feelings mean. When we feel doubt, uncertainty, insecurity, and fear, the key is to try to understand why we feel that way. It's not necessary to search for the reasons we feel the way we do, just to understand where those feelings are coming from. That's a big distinction.

To overcome doubt, it's important to build a mountain of belief. An insurmountable force that you can use to face and overcome all challenges. Doubt can only be overcome by belief. It can't happen any other way. A good outing, a special day, or a coach telling you that you've figured it all out won't help you overcome doubt. The only way is through relentless preparation, consistent effort, and purposeful investment in your performance. Those are the things that build belief."

Over the next couple of weeks, I plan on spending a lot of time with the last two sentences.

Until next time.
- David

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