#28 The stubborn flexible

Hello, friends.

I hope the year is getting off to a great start for you.

The last week or so has me pondering a quote from Jeff Bezos I'd like to share with you. I found it again going through old notebooks during the holidays. Here goes:

Be stubborn on vision, flexible on details

The ethos of this statement is a great way to approach marketing and building products. It encourages tenacity while maintaining adaptability. I believe "lean" methodologies when done right, have that message at its core.

Also, the best entrepreneurs, executives and leaders I've met simultaneously possess stubbornness and flexibility. The great ones know when to be which at the right times.

One of my focuses this year is keep to this top of mind on every project. My hope is it will foster greater unity (stubborn around the same vision) and less ego and fear (flexible details) across my teams.

Until next time,


- David

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