#25 The bridge-building

A year ago today I wrote this post about the main challenges with website redesign projects.

Since then, I've worked on nine website or app projects in various roles (content strategist, information architect, UX lead, project manager, and copywriter), and guess what? Website redesigns are still difficult.

One recurring challenge for a website reboot is that for the first time, or the first time in a long time, ALL departments have to get in the same room and accomplish a goal together. The key word being together. Departments like IT often feel defensive, since they no longer "own" the website. Others, like marketing, sales, and operations, have their own expectations for what the new site will do for them.

These internal dynamics and politics seem to be the biggest hurdle and present the most risk for web projects to fail. This is the reason more companies should invest in better facilitators and product managers. The most successful web projects I've worked on had someone who ensured good collaboration and managed expectations.

My last job, before I went out on my own, was at a software QA and testing company. One of the services they provided was as an independent validation and verification resource (called IV&V). This role worked outside the vendor(s) and the company to make sure each party had what they needed to make the project successful.

This should be an essential role in all larger projects in software or marketing. It may be considered "overhead", but isn't it worth it to reduce risk and ensure a greater ROI? I've fought to bring this "bridge-building" role into the projects I've worked on this year and it's made a huge difference.

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in utilizing engagement and project managers with these skills on your projects.

Next time, I'll share what I've observed working on marketing and advertising projects this year.

Until next time.


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