#141 The level up

Hello, friends.

There’s a lot of growth happening across Calm Capital. Which is exciting! It has me thinking a lot about commitment and ownership, and how they fit in the context of collaboration.

Commitment is the first step. It takes commitment to start, to step onto the field, to show up. Commitment is required to being part of a team and contributing to the team. When you’re committed, your team members can count on you to do your part.

Ownership moves beyond commitment. Commitment says, “I’m going to help you accomplish your goal.” Ownership says, “This is our goal.” It assumes responsibility for everything that impacts the team.

This shift in attitude, from commitment to ownership, is what you’re looking for in yourself and your team.

A team of committed people does good work. They show up. They meet the spec.

A team of owners, however, can achieve excellence and have a shot at greatness.

Until next time,


P.S. We had an uncharacteristic 3” of snow in the Sandhills a few days ago. I saw exactly one snow plow. In Michigan, there are so many, they give them names like battle bots. Check out the list here.

P.P.S. Enjoyed the first season of the Blackout Podcast. Really digging fictionalized podcasts right now (what’s old is new again?)

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