#13: The fresh advice

Hello friend,

How is everyone?

Most of my friends are reeling from busted brackets.

This week I have the opportunity to speak with a group of college seniors. The professor has asked me to share a few insights from working in the marketing trade as well as letting the kids know what they're in for as they enter the real world.

As excited as I am about speaking with these students, I always think about the perishable nature of certain kinds of advice. After all, I've been out of school for 16 years. A lot has changed since then. Sure, there are timeless principles like "the golden rule", but other types can expire like vegetables in the crisper drawer.

I like to add a resources and inspiration section to the end of my presentations to students (hat tip to Elliot Strunk for the idea). If you would, please reply with any websites, movies, books, etc. that you think would benefit people entering marketing and creative professions. Thanks.

Until next time.



P.S. A conversation with a client last week about trust reminded me of an article I wrote. I think you might like it: Read Earning Trust
P.P.S. Great mini doc on what Olympic mentality looks like: The Contenders
P.P.P.S. Can't wait to try Lumi for my next round of swag.

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