#123 The accountability pursuit

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Happy Sunday, everyone.

The word on my mind the most this week — accountability.

Why? Because I realize how much better my life, relationships, and businesses are when I pursue it.

I see accountability as a tool for reconciling my values and words with what I do.

As a husband, father, and friend, I need accountability from friends and family to ensure I lead and love my wife and kids well.

As an entrepreneur and employer, I need accountability from partners and mentors to ensure I stay focused on the right work and lead our employees well.

Of course being accountable is hard. It means:

  1. making commitments to others for how you’re going to act.
  2. living your values while empowering someone else to help you stay on track.
  3. taking responsibility for your actions and attitudes.

I’m reminded of something Tim Keller once said:

Everyone says they want community and friendship, but when that means accountability or commitment people run the other way.

So I’m challenging myself to run towards accountability instead of away from it.

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Until next time, friends.


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