#121 The podcast tour

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Quick Note: Hope you’re cool with trying something new. Over the next 4-6 weeks I’m going to commit to a 1-2x per week publishing of Notes from the Field. In doing so, the format may vary slightly. If that seems like a terrible idea and you’d hate having NFTF in your inbox more often, please let me know.

Over the last few weeks, Marty and I had the opportunity to be guests on a few podcasts. It was fun sharing more about what we’re doing at Calm Capital and how we view success. If you’re interested in checking any of them out, click play on the link(s) below:

(Build & Buy on Apple)

(We, Us, and Ours on Apple)

(Vested Capital on Apple)

One to Ponder

If you want above average results, you have to say no to average opportunities. If you spend all of your time chasing average opportunities, you'll have no time for great ones. This applies to people, books, problems, etc. Raise the bar. - Shane Parrish

One to Enjoy

I enjoyed this post by Kat Cole titled, Growing and Hiring. In it, she provides some very practical and tactical tips for helping leaders onboard new talent.

Until next time, friends.


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