#116 The lock approach

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Over the last couple months, Marty and I have been working on Calm Capital’s next acquisition. Geez, we’re learning a lot.

And while I can’t say it’s a done deal until it closes, we’re far enough along now to where I am starting feel more comfortable talking about it. Of all the projects I’ve done to date, this one has tested my patience the most.

One of the lessons I’m learning is how to better negotiate and “sell ideas” asynchronously.

I used to lay everything out for the next step via email or Google Doc or whatever, thinking providing more information is better. In my head, this was being helpful and transparent. What I realized, however, is too much information leads to confusion.

Instead, the clearest way to collaborate on a deal or sell ideas via email, text, online docs, or Slack is to share one piece of information at at a time.

Unlike real-time communication where everything flows like a white water raft on a river, asynchronous communication needs a series of locks like a ship through the Panama Canal.

The goal is to reduce everything down to the next step. Then the next. Then the next — making sure there’s enough water in the following chamber to proceed.

I’ll have more to share on this topic in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned.

Three Things to Ponder

  1. Disciplines and Constraints aren’t there to hold you back but to set you free
  2. Be in a hurry to learn, not in a hurry to get validation." — Evan Williams
  3. One of the best ways to serve your team is to be available and be present.

Three Things to Enjoy

  1. Very cool website that teaches you how to tie knots: Animated Knots
  2. Thanks to my buddy, Bill, for this gem: What we really want from a story
  3. Well written dive into SPACs from The Hustle: Blank Check Companies

Until next time, friends.


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