#112 The coming set

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Growing up on the coast, I didn’t surf as much as most of my friends did. However, one of the things I learned quickly is that waves come in sets — usually three or more.

They’d come in one after the other.  And it took all your energy to get in position to ride one(or wipeout in my case), then paddle back out to the line and do it again.

What happens next is crucial for successful surfing.

What happens next is nothing. And everything. It’s the time in between sets. This time is your chance to catch your breath, rethink your strategy, learn from your mistakes, and relive your successes.

Business works the same way. It comes in sets. If things are booming right now, embrace it and work hard. If it’s slow, it’s time to prepare and reflect. You’re about to hit another set.

Three Things to Ponder

  1. Let’s get ready. I can see a swell on the horizon. Looks like a long set.
  2. Never confuse motion with action — and never confuse action with accomplishment.
  3. The biggest obstacle you'll face is seeing yourself as a champion before you are one.

Three Things to Enjoy

  1. This chart of the highest-grossing media franchises was surprising.
  2. I’m digging the new e.p. from Ben Kweller. (Apple, Spotify)
  3. Want to read more from me about surfing? Here’s a deep cut from the blog.

Until next time, friends.


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