#111 The good strategist

Happy Sunday, everyone.

In creative businesses like Honestly, a strategist is a key role. And like design, writing, or project management, strategy is a job.

I’ve found bringing them onto an engagement early, during pre-sales, and having them contribute through the innovation phase or until the strategy is well into implementation is most valuable for clients and creative team.

A good strategist:

  • should have big ideas, think two-three steps ahead, and possess the ability to prioritize and commit.
  • should be great at subtraction, knowing when to stop doing certain things or never starting them to begin with — again it’s about prioritization.
  • is decisive and commits to a course of action once they believe it to be the right one.

I know there are others but these three traits separate the sufficient ones from the exceptional.

Why? Leadership.

Because strategy, once decided, doesn't change often (if it's good), although the tactics may often.

Three Things to Ponder

  1. Your environment controls your future, you control your environment

  2. Is your difference worth making?

  3. 4 attitudes for success:

    • Personal responsibility

    • Mental toughness

    • Discipline

    • Positive mental attitude

Three Things to Enjoy

  1. This is pretty nerdy but this engineering Instagram account is sweet.
  2. Zoom fatigue setting in? Try this!
  3. We’ve been enjoying our Misen pans.

Until next time, friends.


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