#107 The two exponents

Happy Monday.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about logic and enthusiasm.

Combined, this pair provides the best opportunity you have to market/sell something, communicate an idea, or get an audience to see your point of view.

Using logic alone almost never works nor does enthusiasm, but put them together and they become exponents.

Three Things to Ponder

  1. Chance favors the prepared mind.
  2. You don’t need conformity to have unity.
  3. Be a force multiplier.

Three Things to Enjoy

  1. Check out this clever and well-executed billboard
  2. Here is a fun new podcast by friend and business partner Elliot Strunk: Two Designers Walk Into A Bar
  3. I’m not much of a gamer, but my kids are enjoying the puzzle game Blackbox.

Until next time, friends.


P.S. It’s November. Crazy, I know. Hit reply and let me know one thing I can be encouraging you for this month.

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