Let’s Catch Up

Hello, friends.

It’s been a little while since we caught up. How are things going with you?

If you recall, I wrapped up the Notes from the Field newsletter last summer.

As that was winding down, we started a more business and investor focused email at Calm Capital called Letters to Leaders. It puts you on the inside to receive the same thought process and tools we’re sending our leadership teams. You can sign up for it here if you’re interested. The first four letters are available on the CC blog now, but everything in the future will be on the leaders list.

Today I’m happy to announce something new. Something more personal.

Imagine grabbing a <insert your favorite beverage>, hopping on a call, or walking nine holes with a friend. Chances are you’ll discuss what’s going on at work, in life, and anything interesting you’ve stumbled upon.

That’s what this will be. You and me — catching up.

One-to-two times per month I’ll send you an email sharing what’s on my mind, any interesting links to what I’m consuming or studying, as well as any stories/articles I’ve written. Also, I’ll ask a few questions of you. It will be an asynchronous conversation between two friends.

Now, I don’t presume everyone here will want to meet up with me one-to-two times per month to hang. If that’s you, feel free to unsubscribe (at the end of this email). No hard feelings.

For those who are sticking around, I look forward to catching up with you soon.


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