Improve the average

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We’re in the middle of golf season for the JV and Varsity golf teams I coach. One fundamental aspect of playing better is learning the “law of the average shot.”

Like “the inch-worm” principal I’ve co-oped for business from Jared Tendler, I do the same with the average shot from my coach, Robert Linville.

By way of example, let’s say you’re one of my players. Most of the time, you’ll hit an average shot, as per the law of averages. Exceptional shots are rare. Horrific shots are rare. In fact, your best and worst won’t differ greatly from the pros. For example, hitting it to three feet from two hundred yards (a great shot) or shanking it (a bad shot) is the same regardless of skill level.

The difference is in the average shot.

Experts consistently outperform amateurs in all sports and activities, from archery to Yukigassen. What marks improvement is improving your average shot.

The same concept holds true for business.

In a service business, you have projects for clients. Occasionally, everything goes beyond well, and your success is asymmetrical. At the same frequency, it all goes to “you know where,” you lose money, and the project fails. But most of the time, it’s going to fall somewhere in the middle. It’s no different for product companies and any team that sells and delivers something.

The key to growth is improving the average. In my experience, the most effective means to do so is by moving the bell-curve.

How are things with you? Family well?

My wife finished another trip around the sun (assuming we live in in heliocentric universe).

And my oldest turned fourteen. Adulthood is hunting him down, but he’s elusive. I hope he’ll stay out of its grasp for a little while longer.

Seen, heard, or read anything interesting? Anything you're into these days?

Been great catching up.

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