#2 I Don't Know What You Did Last Summer (but I'd like to)

Hello friends,

I hope your summer was amazing.

On my end there have been several developments over the last few months. The biggest news is stepping away from Magnetic (still going strong under the leadership of Jeff SanGeorge) and focusing my efforts on Honestly and LOFT.

The biggest reason for the move is to begin working more on product development and ventures. I'm still spending about 70% of my effort on creative services, either freelancing (creative direction, writing, user experience & information architecture, project management) or leading LOFT.

LOFT is an experiment to better organize and position the "Avengers" model I've operated under for the last few years. By Avengers I mean a guild of senior level shops or freelance creatives, technologist, etc. who join forces when working on big projects. I'll be sharing more here as we progress.

The remaining 30% is on new products, namely Re:work and Ketch Statistics.

Re:work is a productized service focused on website optimizations like conversion rates, copy, performance and SEO.

Ketch Stats is a Google Analytics plugin suite. The first release will make blacklisting and removing referral spam easy. It's a big problem for most websites that get any traffic.

Well that's enough about me. Did you you learn something new, go somewhere exciting or launch a project? Feel free to reach out and share. I'd love to hear about it.



P.S. Enjoyed this NYT article on one of my favorite comedians.
P.P.S. I'm enjoying Superposition by David Walton
P.P.P.S. Been using the Momentum Chrome Extension to help focus my day.

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