Endurance and success

Hey, friend.

Thanks to the generosity of my friend, Jan (pronounced Yahn), we took a homeschooling field trip to visit Innovation Performance Technologies (ITP) to learn about making race cars and custom classic muscle cars.

To join us in our exploration, I invited my friend, Dave, and his son, who are “car guys.” You know, the folks who love to tinker under the hood and talk about speed, performance, and craftsmanship. The boys and I aren’t huge car buffs, but we’re generally curious and love learning about all things design and engineering. Plus, I knew we could draft off their enthusiasm and expertise to level up the experience and education for the boys.

After discussing modernizing aspects of classic muscle cars, we shifted gears to racing.

The team members at ITP take part in various types, from drag racing to endurance events.

Many of these endurance races take place over 24-hours where multiple people, drivers, and crews are used to keep the car going. Jan highlighted that winning one of these races isn’t just about having the fastest car. Most of the time, it’s the team that can set a target split and hit it over and over for hundreds of laps.

The team that wins, hits their targets. Again. And again, regardless of who is behind the wheel. Complete a lap, adjust, transition smoothly to the next driver, encourage, sharpen. Every lap.

Generational businesses are similar.

Success boils down to who can show up each day, lap after lap (around the sun), setting key objectives and hitting them.

How are things with you? Family well?

All is well here. Been much colder than usual in the Sandhills. 

On the homeschool front, we’re in “major projects mode.” My oldest is preparing for a mock trial and my youngest is developing his “Faces of History” presentation. 

Calm Capital is on the tail end of board season.

Seen, heard, or read anything interesting? Is there anything you're digging right now?

Alright. It’s been great catching up for now.

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