Collective Contribution

Hello, friend.

Recently, I finished my first year of coaching the Sandhills Highlanders Golf team. All the boys were class acts, and it was rewarding seeing how well they conducted themselves in competition and encouraged each other.

Unlike typical junior varsity and varsity programs, this one included homeschooled players who lived up to an hour away from each other.

Holding practices and developing a team culture required a different approach. Fortunately, golf being an individual sport and all the businesses I’ve led being distributed, I could apply a few learnings from building remote teams.

Creating clear and regular asynchronous communication and garnering a sense of personal responsibility were strengths this year. 99% of the time, these kids are playing for individual scores, but in team golf, their score counts towards the team’s total.

This holds true for our business teams too. Each role contributes to the success of the entire business. Small gains or losses across departments become magnified when we stack them up together. Whether it’s golf teams or businesses, hitting long-term goals is determined more by minimizing mistakes and avoiding catastrophe than gigantic wins.

How are things with you? Family well?

We officially have a high schooler and middle schooler now. The boys wrapped up the end of the year a few weeks ago and are almost in summer mode.

The community group we host is also on break for the summer. And while I miss the fellowship and time diving into the Word, it’s nice to have another evening with no plans for several weeks.

Sherry and I took a quick trip to Black Mountain, NC. One of the highlights was enjoying an authentic South African meal at the Bush Farmhouse.

Seen, heard, or read anything interesting? Is there anything you’re digging right now?

Been great catching up.

Talk soon,


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