Catching Up: One

Hello, friends.

I saw this tweet recently and it restarted a few conversations with some of our leaders about the dangers of hiring “B” players.

What are your thoughts on “who” to hire?

In some cases, I’ve seen it work for a lot of trade-type businesses where the company’s culture is more apprenticeship-like. New hires are taught how to do the job over time. They may come in as a C or C- with the owners/managers knowing it will be 6-12 months before they know how the grade. And they’re hoping for a “B” outcome.

This seems to fall down in other places where new hires are thrown into the deep end. Swim! B players in these environments seem to show flashes of high performance but in the end, usually don’t measure up. Their potential seems to never materialize consistently.

What’s been your experience?

Changing the subject, I noticed college basketball started in the U.S. Basketball season always brings to mind the time I went to Campbell Basketball camp. Have I told you that story?

It’s a good one and involved one of the most loved and hated collegiate players of all time. Christian Laettner.

Read the story here.

Have you heard, read, or seen anything interesting recently?

My oldest, Joshua, has to learn to draw a map of the world from memory this year. All the countries plus major landmarks, rivers, etc. If you dig cartography, here are two cool things we’ve found:

Have a great rest of your week.

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