#132 The brew's cues

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Here are my notes for last week…

Notes on marketing

I listened to a podcast with Alex Lieberman, co-founder of the Morning Brew. Here are a few of his nuggets about content:

  • Audiences are a three-step funnel:

    1. Rented, as in gained via rented spaces like social media apps (think FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

    2. Owned, as in gained via owned spaces like email or CRM

    3. Monetized, as in audiences that become customers.

  • If you’re creating useful and entertaining content, the easiest place to build an audience is your own platform because they’re built to make your brand and ideas more discoverable and sharable.

  • Content creation is about momentum. Think of your creative output like it’s a muscle you need to train. Stay consistent and it’s easy to produce, don’t, and it becomes very difficult.

  • Content creation is a marathon, not a sprint.

Until next time, friends.


P.S. Google Search’s next phase is all about context

P.S.S A new novel (so good) by one of my favorite authors is out

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