What tools and apps power your workflow?

Workflow is one of those areas where there’s always room for improvement. All you have to do is visit bestvendor.com to see dozens of new tools and apps that help you be more efficient and effective.

What I’ve committed to this year is an annual audit of all the software applications and tools I use for day-to-day business and workflow. My goal is to simplify and make sure I am using something because it is the best fit for my needs and not just because I’ve always used it. Here is the list I’ve compiled so far (affiliate links used if available):

  1. Basecamp – project management
  2. Batchbook – CRM
  3. Google Apps – Email, Docs, Analytics, Chat
  4. Dropbox – File sharing
  5. Yesware – Business dev (email)
  6. Boomerang – Email productivity
  7. Freshbooks – Invoicing
  8. Wave Accounting – Accounting
  9. Scribe Content  – SEO content optimizing
  10. SEO MOZ – SEO
  11. Argyle Social – Social Media Marketing
  12. Dropmark – Collaboration
  13. Evernote – Bookmarking and catch-all
  14. Trackur – Social Media Monitoring
  15. Macbook Pro
  16. iPhone
  17. Blank Paper and #2 Pencil
  18. Mailchimp – Email Marketing
  19. Mailstrom – Email Productivity

Whoa! That’s a bunch. Definitely time for refining.

The crazy thing is I use each of them regularly. I’d love to consolidate or divest a few.

What tools and apps do you use for your workflow? Any recommendations?

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