Stop getting lost in your work: a work in progress

Too many people are getting lost in the work.

And I don’t mean this work. I mean the work that leads to doing more work. I know this is sounding redundant, but hear me out.

We have a problem today in business when people get confused between what is urgent vs. what is important. Think about it. How often do you finish your day with the satisfaction you have gotten all the important stuff out-of-the-way?

It isn’t like you’ve done nothing. You have checked off urgent thing after urgent thing. You’ve been busy. But have your projects moved closer to completion? Has that sucker been sealed and shipped? If not, why?

I have been kicking around a project/productivity method that is simple and so common sense you’ve probably even thought about it a hundred times. Here it is. Ready?

Now – Next – Soon

Write down your projects (these could be work or life related) across the top of the page.

Under your projects write down the sequence of events that have to be completed before the project can be launched

Instead of prioritizing numerically, write “Now” “Next” or “Soon” next to each action item

Take action on the Now’s.

This is a start. Your turn. Feedback. Go!

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